Call for Paper

The mission of the University of Chitral, Journal of Education Research UOCHJER is to disseminate knowledge in the service of practice. Researchers, scholars, teachers, administrators, specialists, and advanced doctoral students are invited to submit manuscripts of three types: research, theory, and reflection that inform teaching and learning in schools, pre-service and in-service teachers and other professionals in the field, including higher education.

Types of Manuscripts 

Three types of manuscripts will be considered: reports of original research, explications of theory, and reflections on education.

Research Articles should include a review of the relevant literature, a description of the methodology, a summary of the findings, and a discussion of implications for practice in an educational setting.

Theoretical Articles should begin with a clear explanation of a theory that informs practice, a description of the historical context, and a justification based on the literature. The paper should conclude with implications for practice in an educational setting.

Reflections by experienced researchers, theorists, and teachers (and their students) should provide informed analysis and insights regarding reflective practice. Experienced scholars may offer critical reflective analysis of a critical incident, event and practice in the educative process, its effects on the field, and implications for practice in the broader field of education.

Send your article with the following specification:  

  1. Manuscripts must have an abstract of 150‐200 words and should be typed on 6 x 9 inch white paper, upper and lower case, double spaced in entirely, with 1 inch margins on all sides. The font size should be 12 for running text, 13 point for headings and 14 for main headings. Subheadings should be at reasonable intervals to break the monotony of lengthy text. Word to be set in italics not underlined. Abbreviations and acronyms should be spelled out at first mention unless they are well known to the readers (e.g., IQ needs no explanation). Formatting and citation and references should be according to APA Manual (6th edition).  
  2. A soft copy in Microsoft Word saved on Compact Disc (CD) should be sent to the editor along with four hard copies of the article. Also submit the full length article to Editor through email.  
  3. Register yourself on the website and send your manuscripts after login.